How to Increase Website Traffic for Free in 2022 – Part 2

Hey, welcome to part two of my web traffic series. If you want to learn how to increase website traffic for free, then you’re in the right place! And if you haven’t reviewed part one, then I urge you to do that too. Okay, let’s get right into it.

Table of Contents

6. Q&A
7. Email
8. Video
9. Documents
10. Traffic Exchanges

#6. How to Increase Website Traffic for Free: Q&A

Questions and Answers sites (Q&A) are pure gold. And this is a great way to attract more traffic to your blog or website. Just think about it. These are people out there raising their hands with questions. All you have to do is go in there and answer them.

This is not interruption marketing, these are people asking for help. How great is that? These are the best prospects you could ever have. This is the best source of relevant traffic that you can ever attract to your blog or website. So if you’re not taking advantage of Q&A sites that urge you to do so.

As you may know, one of the most popular Q&A sites today is Quora. So you can just sign up for a free account, search for questions in your niche and answer them. And the great thing about it is that these questions from Quora, rank high in Google. So this is a two-fold way to attract traffic to your website.

First, you’re attracting direct traffic from Quora. Then on the flip side, you’re directing traffic from the search engine, all from just being a helpful resource in the community.

And I want to urge being helpful, because I don’t want you to go in there and get disrespected, and be looked at as a spammer because you came in with the wrong approach. So no going out with a promotional mindset.

Don’t go in there thinking “hey, I’m just gonna gain traffic to my links and promote and tell people to buy, Buy BUY my stuff!” Calm down with that. Take it down a few notches. Be cool. Just go in there and be a helpful resource.

And don’t link to your site on every answer. Yes, you can may have the ability to link to your site on each answer, but don’t. Sometimes you can link to other helpful resources.

Another technique is to just sandwich your link between other resources. And on some questions, you don’t have to link to anything at all. So just mix it up. That way it won’t come across like you’re just going in there to promote your links. Now you’ll be viewed as a helpful resource.

And if you do that, I guarantee that you’ll attract more relevant traffic to your blog or website.

Another great Q&A site to check out is Reddit. And there’s other niche-targeted communities that you can find by just going to Google and searching Q&A sites (or Q&A sites + your niche). No doubt there are targeted questions and answers communities in practically every niche, you just have to do your research.

So I hope that this section has sparked your brain to think different about how you can promote your blog or website by simply answering the questions arising in your market.

#7. How to Increase Website Traffic for Free: Email

The seventh method for how to increase website traffic for free is through email. This is one of the oldest and most proven methods to attract relevant traffic back to any blog or website. And you know what, this is traffic that you own and control.

Understand this: Yes, there’s a lot of social media platforms, they’re great. You know, we got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms popping up like every single day! But what you have to realize is that you and I, we don’t own those platforms. But you can own your email list.

And I’m sure you heard it probably time and time again before “The money is in the List”.

And although that may sound cliche, it’s true, the money is in the list. Because Multiple studies have shown that most people need multiple contacts before they purchase products or service. Most people are just not going to come to your site and instantly buy, they’re just not going to do it.

By having a list where you only control the relationship with your audience. You’ll get a chance to have multiple contacts with them and build that “know like and trust”. So that they’ll come to trust your recommendations and truly understand the authority that you have in your market.

So if you haven’t started your list, I urge you to get started. And there’s no excuse because there are so many options out there on the market today. There’s also ways that you can get started completely free.

There’s even listed building tools that will offer you free trials or offer you free use of their service and they won’t even charge you until you reach a certain level of subscribers (like maybe 1000 or 2000).

I’m talking about email service providers like mailerlite, Active Campaign, Get Response, ConvertKit, and more. Just choose one that you feel comfortable with you and get started building your list!

This is an asset that you own and control. And it’s an asset that is proven to render a return on investment, greater than most all other marketing methods, including social media. So there you go. I hope this email section spurs you to get started building your list right away.

#8. How to Increase Website Traffic for Free: Video

The eighth way to get more traffic to your blog or website for free is through video. Yes, video is a powerful and effective and connective way to get traffic to your blog or website. It’s a way for you to connect with your audience, and really bond with them.

And it’s different ways to get started with video, so there’s no excuse. You can get started by easily repurposing some of your existing content. You likely already have a great amount of content such as blog posts and articles that you can repurpose into video. So you already have the makings of a great video script or talking points. So use that to scale your content marketing.

Because if you haven’t already gotten started with video, then I guarantee that your competition is. And you don’t want to get left behind, and I sure don’t want you to get left behind. So I can’t stress it enough Video Video Video…did I say VIDEO?

And another great thing about video is that it’s the perfect content form that lends itself to repurposing.

Yes, check this out…

When you create a video, then once you have that video, you can strip out the audio, then you have the makings of a podcast!

Then you can transcribe that video into text (or use the auto-generated text that sites like YouTube and Facebook supply), then you have the makings of a blog post!

Then you can chop up that long-form video, and then you have shorts that are perfect for posting on social media platforms!

Then you can even freeze some of the frames of your video, and you have images, memes and gifs!

So as you can see, video is powerful in and of itself. And it’s a powerful content form that lends itself perfectly to repurposing.

And I know when most of us think of video marketing, we think YouTube, and that’s it.

But it don’t just stop there. There’s so many other ways that you can attract traffic to your blog in the form of a video by distributing it to other video hosting platforms such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wix, and several others.

And the great thing is that most platforms nowadays are already accepting of video (and actually prefer it) because it is now the number one form of content online.

And another thing is that YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world, right behind Google, which is the number one search engine and they’re owned by Google. So what does that tell you?

Video is a powerful traffic source that you’d be a fool to ignore. Don’t do it! Don’t be foolish with your marketing. Don’t be foolish with your business. Take advantage of video marketing today and elevate your success to a whole ‘nother level.

#9. How to Increase Website Traffic: Documents

Here’s another good one. All you really have to do is take your existing blog posts and articles, upload them to document sharing sites like SlideShare, and BAM! You have a whole different format that you can feed to your target market who likes to consume content in that way.

Whether you know it or not, a lot of people like consuming PowerPoint slide-type of content over video or regular content. This is just the way they like to be fed. So give your people what they want in the different ways that they want it. And by doing so, you’ll attract more traffic back to your blog or website. It’s easy, and not as hard as you may think.

I definitely advise you to take advantage of this document-sharing market today in order to drive traffic back to your site.

One of the most popular document-sharing sites out there is SlideShare. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s owned by LinkedIn. Another good one is Scribd. There’s others out there that you can explore too. So if you haven’t included document sharing as a digital marketing strategy for your business, then I urge you to get started right away.

#10. How to Increase Website Traffic: Traffic Exchanges

And the 10th way to generate more traffic to your blog or website are traffic exchanges. Yeah, traffic exchanges. I said it. Now I know what you may be thinking. You’re probably thinking like traffic exchanges don’t work! Rich B. are you out of your friggin’ mind???

Nah, I’m not out of my mind. Traffic exchanges can work. And they do work for people who know how to work the traffic exchanges.

But you have to understand that and when I’m referring to traffic exchanges, I’m not talking about those automated traffic exchanges, where people can set their browser to change automatically like every 15 – 30 seconds, and then just go off and do the dishes or something.

What I’m talking about are manual traffic exchanges, where they have to be sitting there at their computer, clicking their mouse like every 15 to 30 seconds to view each site.

These are live people sitting behind those keyboards, and you have to understand why they’re doing this. Why are they sitting there clicking their mouse every 15 seconds or so to visit other websites? It’s because that’s probably all they know. And they’re desperately trying to build points/credits so that their offers and pages can get shown.

So they’re really desperate and really care about their offers being shown. And that may be the only way that they know how to get traffic. But what you can do is tap into that psyche.

Now I will say that it really depends on your niche in order for traffic exchanges to work for you. So if your content is more traffic generation or web marketing, business-building and things like that, then they can fly well in a traffic exchange.

Now if your business is more like cooking or fashion content, then it’s probably not gonna fly too well in a traffic exchange.

Traffic exchanges are fast-paced–fast-paced–fast-paced, and you have to reach out and grab that surfer and shake them out of their zombie-like state in order for them to pay attention to your content.

One HUGE mistake I see many people make in traffic exchanges is that oftentimes they go in there trying to sell. They go in there with these long sales pages, these long blog posts expecting people to read them there. And that’s not gonna happen.

You have to use big headlines, big images, and colorful things that will catch that visitor’s attention, and shake them out of their zombie-like state so that they will opt into your list.

That’s right, traffic exchanges are great for lead-gen. Then you can follow up with that person over time when they’re off the traffic exchanges in a more attentive state. Then they’ll be able to pay more attention to your offers, and you’ll be able to communicate and connect with them more.

Now that’s the secret to traffic exchanges.

And there’s a lot of different traffic exchanges out there. One popular one is TrafficSwarm. So I urge you to explore and test this method.

A lot of people say “Hey, traffic exchanges, that’s garbage!”. But you have to understand that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Traffic exchanges may be garbage to some, they may be a goldmine for you.

Question of the day:

Which traffic method did you like the most (or which traffic method are you currently using)?
Let me know in the comments!

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