7 Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques to Grow Your Business in 2022

Today I’m going to share with you 7 Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques to Grow Your Business.

Because that’s what it’s all about, growing and scaling your business to make it the best that it can be.

And you know just like most things in life, oftentimes it all boils down to the tools that we use to get the job done now.

Well hey make no mistake about it: these aren’t just some random tools off the Internet.

These are tools that I have personally tested and vetted for usefulness.

So without further ado, let’s get right into my Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques review.

Note: Some of the links in this review may contain affiliate links in which we may receive a small commission. However, this does not sway the honesty of our reviews here at Multimastery Marketing. Also, it is at no additional cost to you should you decide to sign up through any of our links. Furthermore, you’ll likely receive a better deal by going through us.

Social Media Content Calendar

Okay, now, the first digital marketing tool we’re going to take a look at is the
social media content calendar template.

This is brought to us by HubSpot. And as it states: Manage and Plan your social media content with a handy calendar guide and template.

This is very useful because, as you know, content marketing is getting more complicated by the day.

You need content for this platform, this platform, this platform, that platform, this use case, that use case everywhere everywhere everywhere it can drive you darn near crazy if you don’t have a content calendar to keep you on track with your content marketing process.

So this will really help you right here now, when you plan your social media activities in advance, it will make it easier to coordinate campaigns, grow your reach and engagement scale, your social media marketing, and boost your productivity.

Now although it’s stated as a social media content calendar, it can be used for any type of content.

It’s customizable and you can edit it the way you want it now.

It has different tabs, all editable so that you can plan out your monthly content marketing calendar. You can plan your month out at a glance.

You’ll know which days you need to post and what to post and you can even schedule in different holidays or anything you want.

Also, you can have the content repository tab and this will show your content type, whether it be a website, a web page, a blog post, a template in the title, the link, the interesting snippet, the image and so on.

So again, you can customize this template exactly like you want.

This is why I like it so much.

Also, you can schedule Twitter and Facebook updates.

Or you can change it to any social network that applies to you.

So this content template provided by HubSpot will definitely help you to stay on track, stay on schedule and streamline your content marketing process.

Otter – Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

And the next digital marketing tool we’re going to take a look at is Otter.

This is a great tool that I use a lot.

Otter provides everything hybrid teams need for productive collaborative meetings.

You can be productive in your work, life and school.

Otter has your back empowering you to real-time, accurate notes that are stored in one central, secure and searchable place, so you and your team can be engaged, collaborative and productive.

Otter spills over into so many different categories like productivity and other things.

But what I mainly use con Otter for is to transcribe video to text, like if I want to transcribe my video into a blog post.

This is easy.

I can just upload the video and it will transcribe the video to text – with punctuation.

So that really saves time and also you can dictate.

Oftentimes, we can write much faster than we can talk, so it just makes better sense to start creating your content by dictating.

That will really start to streamline the process of your content creation and you can really pump out content faster, at least I can.

So usually I’ll just dictate straight into their system.

So I advise you to start putting aside so much typing, whether it’s you or your team and start dictating.

It can really make content creation, especially blog posts – it can really make it a breeze.

Another thing I use a lot with Otter is the import function.

Now the good thing about it is that they allow you 3 imports a month where you can import a pre-recorded video or audio file and they system will transcribe it for you.

Now beyond those three imports, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you need to.

So for instance, I usually transform all of my videos and repurpose them into blog posts, because people find content in different ways.

I just upload my youtube video and it transcribes all of it into text.

This is something that just the YouTube transcriptions can’t even supply to you, because this auto-punctuates it for you.

So half of my job to create a blog post is done.

So either I can either take this content that they transcribed for me and create a blog post, or I can give it to my team and they can take care of it for me.

Now you may need to go in and tweak a little bit here & there proofreading it for minor errors.

But from my experience, they’re right on point.

I love it.

Otter offers a lot many different use cases and I highly recommend that you check it out right away.

Free Title Generator – Digital Marketing Tools

Okay, and the next marketing tool coming to the stage is the free title generator by the Hoth. As it states: “Create awesome headlines with our title generator, including blog topics, blog headlines or anything else.”

With this title maker, you can view several fantastic titles for your next headline and be well on your way to a great article.

Because we all know that the almighty headline is of the utmost importance – because if you can’t reach out and grab your viewer, grab your readers with a captivating headline, then how can you ever expect them to consume your content.

Now some of the headlines won’t be great, but the whole thing about them is that it’s a mental jogger.

It’s an idea generator, so some may be on-point straight out da box, and some may just need a little tweaking.

Now there’s no excuse for writer’s block as far as it comes to headlines now.

Now you have what you need to really come up with that perfect headline to present your content to your desired audience.

Canva – Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Okay, now another content tool in the toolbox that can help you with your content marketing is Canva.

Canva is a very popular tool, perhaps you’ve heard of it, but a lot of people are still sleeping on Canva.

A lot of people are still not using it or not using it to its full potential.

You can design everything in Canva. You can design video presentations, Instagram posts, posters, logos, Facebook, posts, flyers, infographics, Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails and more.

Canva can help you to streamline your content creation and marketing process.

It has ready-to-use templates. You can jump in and take over a professional template and you can bring your best ideas to life.

So Canva is a great resource.

And you can get started absolutely free.

They do have upgraded plans, but it’s freemium software that you can use and upgrade as needed.

You can collaborate with ease.

You can invite people to edit with you, or set your whole team up in Canva Pro to manage brand assets.

That’s what we do here at Multimastery Marketing.

You can share with pride whether you’re presenting, downloading, scheduling, sharing, printing – enjoy seeing your work make an impact in the world with Canva.

So I can’t say enough great things about this cool creative tool.

I can go in here quickly, whip up something, or I can pass it off to my team or VA and they can whip up different things.

So this is definitely something to streamline your content process and I highly recommend that you check it out right away.

CopyAI – Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Okay and the next content marketing tool I have for you is CopyAI.

CopyAI is just like it sounds, an artificial intelligence content generator.

Yes, AI content is on the rise and it can be a great tool depending on how you use it.

So you can say goodbye to the blank page for good.

Even with a free account and you can get in there and start playing around with it.

You can write blogs 10 times faster, write high-converting posts, write more engaging emails, and experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

Now you may have heard of several content AI tools starting to pop up in the marketplace today, but CopyAI is just one of the first ones that I tested out and gravitated to, and it really does help speed up the content process.

I use it more of as mental jogger, an idea generator, as something really to get that content flowing.

It’s not really a press-button one-click content solution.

It’s not meant to be like that.

It’s just to give you a starting point and help you as a content assistant, so that you’re more acting as the editor of the content, more than just always trying to create content from scratch.

You can create product descriptions, and digital ad copy.

You can create website copy email newsletter copy, social media and salespage copy, blog posts, and so on.

Now I know what you’re probably wondering you’re probably wondering like.

Can I use really use this?

Is this really unique content or original content?

Well and I gotta tell ya…

I’ve tested this many times, and yes, it passed content checking tools and plagiarism tools with flying colors.

This is a great assistant to help you really save your brain power and be more of the editor for the content.

You know, and this can really help you to pump out content faster.

A lot of different use cases.

Now sometimes I have checked and it does pick up some matched lines with other content out there on the web.

So that’s why I say you should check it.

Don’t just use this as a blind content generator with the press of a button.

You need to still treat it as your own content go through tweak it and put your voice to it or what have you, but you see the power of this AI content generator.

And this is just one of them out there on the market, so definitely try out CopyAI today.

It’s a great content tool and a new digital marketing toy to explore.

Pixabay – Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Now the next content marketing tool I present to you is Pixabay.

This is stunning: free images of royalty-free stock. Over 2.6 million high quality stock images, video and music shared by a talented community.

I love this site!

A lot of people sleep on this site. They just don’t know about it or are just failing to tap into the power of it.

Hey we live in a visual community.

Always always always you need images or videos to really make your content SPARK!

And as you know just trying to hire and create them on your own all the time can really get both time-consuming and expensive.

So why not tap into this well of creators where you can get high-quality, free images and video and more to really fuel your content marketing process.

And the great thing about it is that Pixabay, it’s legit!

You don’t have to be shaking in your boots like do I really have the rights to use this?

Can I really use these creatives?

Will I get in trouble?

No, this is an established site.

It’s been around for years.

I’ve been using it for years for great free images, videos and music.

You can use it anywhere.

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing, copyright, free images, videos and music.

All contents are released under the Pixabay license – which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist even for commercial purposes.

So, hey you don’t even have to give credit to the artist, although it’s appreciated that you do, but you’re not even required to do that.

So this is a wealth of creatives that you can use and the great thing about it is that it’s not just images.

You may want videos, scalable vector graphics, music, or sound bytes too.

I get sound effects from this all the time.

So hey, play around with this explore Pixabay and I guarantee it will help you streamline your content creation and marketing process.

AnswerThePublic – Digital Marketing Tools

Okay, the final content marketing tool that I have for you in this roundup is AnswerThePublic.

Now, this is a great way to discover what people are asking about.

I know there’s a lot of keyword tools out there.

But the power of this free keyword tool is that it deals with Google’s autosuggest/autocomplete feature.

You know how you start typing a word in google and you see the drop-down of suggested searches.

That’s suggested searches; that’s auto-complete. Google is anticipating related things that you may be wanting to search for.

So AnswerThePublic is great at zeroing in on that data.

You get instant raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers.

As AnswerThePublic so eloquently states: “There are 3 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to your customers’ thoughts…”

So you truly can discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas.

So this is how it works it’s pretty self-explanatory.

You simply input a search term ( a seed term), and the tool will spit you out a visual and all the relating keywords stemming from that seed keyword.

Then you can use these keywords and infuse them into your content to optimize it for better SEO.

So when people search for what you have to offer for your niche you’ll pop right up there right at the top, hopefully for that particular keyword.

And since Google is so focused on answering people’s questions these days (with the People Also Ask (PAA) section and all), we know that it is vitally important to optimize for these long-tail and often overlooked search phrases.

Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Former Google data scientist and author of the book “Everybody Lies”

No doubt about that!

So definitely try out AnswerThePublic. This is a very great keyword tool to explore.

AnswerThePublic has also recently been acquired by Marketer – Neil Patel of NP Digital, so Big Up to Neil Patel, smart acquisition!

Well, that’s all for now this roundup of Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques.

And if you want to discover how to uncover more juicy keywor data, be sure to check out the next post I have for you: The Keyword Tools Review.

Also, be sure to subscribe to be notified of more useful content.

Until next time, see you in the next one!…

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